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Tara Sillery, The Middle-East, and life in Beirut Post-Explosion

October 15, 2020 TheHazBeanzShow Season 1 Episode 3
TheHazBeanzShow's Podcast
Tara Sillery, The Middle-East, and life in Beirut Post-Explosion
Show Notes

On Episode 3 of The HazBeanz Show, we talk to Tara Sillery, An Irish Woman who has lived in the Middle East for the past 10 years. We caught up with Tara while she has momentarily relocated back to Ireland to live with her mother during the current Global Pandemic. Tara talks to us about life as an Irish woman working in PR, Fashion and Tv presenting, as well as her voluntary work with Syrian Refugees.

This show is split into 2 parts, and is a little longer than usual, so as to capture perspectives of expats but also the words and opinions of locals living in Beirut, Lebanon, Post-Explosion.

We talk to a local Doctor, Jad El Khouri about life in Beirut, customs, lifestyles and the changing dynamic towards a more inclusive society. 

We also talk to Medical expert and public health Campaigner, George Bou Mansour. We learn about the corruption seen in the are by politicians and the mismanagement of funds. Currently , Lebanon does not have enough funds to pay for basic medical supplies, and inflation has meant that those supplies are now too expensive to obtain in the quantities required. 

Our Final guest joining us on the phone from Beirut, is Huaida Rajab, a restaurant owner whos premises was damaged significantly during the recent explosion. 

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